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Current Nissan Lease, APR & Cash Offers

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Would you like to drive a beautiful new Nissan in Pompano Beach, FL, today without the long term responsibility and maintenance costs associated with owning a car? Youíve come to the right place! Your local Nissan dealer offers specials deals on leasing a brand new car. You can also save money with one of our 0% APR deals or buy choosing a cash offer. Keep in touch and visit the website to stay informed of our current deals!

Why Lease a New Nissan in Pompano Beach, FL?

We know that youíve probably heard conflicting opinions about leasing. If itís within your means to do so, however, leasing is a wonderful opportunity to get more for your money, avoid the stress of car ownership, and drive a new car more often! Here are three reasons to give a Nissan lease a second look:

Eliminate the Maintenance Hassle

You probably dread car maintenance, and we canít blame you. When you lease a new Nissan Maxima with Performance Nissan, you only have to worry about routine actions like getting the oil changed. Why is that? Our leased cars are new---chances are, you wonít experience any car problems in the 2-3 years that you drive the vehicle. If you do have problems, the car will still be under warranty! Either way, you wonít be responsible for paying for the upkeep of an aging vehicle.

Avoid Sales Tax on the Whole Value of the Car

Wouldnít it be nice to only pay sales tax up front on the value you actually get out of a car? When you lease a new Leaf in Pompano Beach, FL, youíre only responsible for sales tax on the portion of the car you use---for example, you might only pay sales tax on $20,000 of a $35,000 car. Thatís a much better tax deal than paying sales tax on the full value of a new car and then selling it a few years later.

Lease a New Nissan in Pompano Beach, FL every 2-3 Years

Nissan adds new features to the Murano every year, and the Maxima keeps getting better; when we think about the future of electric vehicles, we canít help but wonder what the Leaf will look like in a few years! When you lease a Nissan Murano in Pompano Beach, FL, you can choose a new vehicle every couple of years. Stay up to date with the new Murano, donít miss a single update to the Maxima, and give that Sentera a try---all without more than 2-3 years of commitment.

Can You Explain APR (Annual Percentage Rate)?

Glad you asked! Hereís a quick APR guide:
  1. Annual Interest Rate + Fees (any fees associated with the purchase of your vehicle).
  2. Divide the sum of [annual interest rate + fees] by the number of years on your term.
  3. That total = APR

Keep track of all of the current offers in Pompano Beach, FL by visiting our website. We have 0% APR specials, cash offers, and lease offers every week!